Intrusion Detection

In order to stop a threat, the first pre-requisite is to be able to identify that it exists. In some cases, advanced malware are using evasion techniques in order to stay hidden from any protection tool in place. In other cases, you might be affected by attacks occurring outside your network, without your ever knowing. Securitude Cyber Solutions enables you to look everywhere at once, at all times.

The Insider Threat

Some threats may already be inside your network without your knowing it. The fact of the matter is that if an attacker decides to focus on your company, they will eventually find a way to install a malicious software somewhere in your network. In this case, we are able to scout the malicious software out, make it show itself and catch it in the act before it does real damage.

Beyond the Perimeter

In some cases, the malicious activity against you is conducted outside your network, and as such is often beyond your control. Routes get hijacked, websites are defaced, and your sensitive information is sold in the dark web. Securitude can offer you services and solutions to combat these, and make you aware of malicious activities no matter where they are is located.

Among our solutions:

  • Hijack Monitoring

    Sometimes the best way for an attacker to gain or control information is to hijack the route it uses to go across the Internet. Attackers assume (and often justifiably) that no one will notice a slight change in the route, if the information still reaches its destination. In the meanwhile, they gain access to sensitive information and are even able to change it if they want. Securitude Cyber Solutions offers a unique service that is able to monitor countless routes, from numerous locations around the world, and identify in real time whether a change is legitimate or not.

  • Massive Deception Network

    Once an attacker gains access to a network, one of their initial goals is to spread further and fortify their hold. Knowing that, one common way of detecting inside threats is to create a “honeypot”: a trap designed to lure attackers in order to detect their presence. The most sophisticated malwares, however, have advanced to the point that they can easily identify the current generation traps and avoid them, rendering them effectively useless. A patented solution offered by Securitude changes the rules of the game by easily creating a massive deception network, simulating thousands of workstations and servers, and making it almost impossible for the attacker to distinguish what’s real and what’s not.