Attack Prevention

The primary goal of any cyber security program is to stop hackers and malware from getting inside your network. In order to achieve this goal, or at the very least make the work of attackers as difficult as possible, you have to make sure all of the entry points are covered. The solutions provided by Securitude offer unique and patented ways to stop threats from coming in, using next-generation methods and technologies.

In & Out

No security perimeter is 100% impenetrable. Because of that, it is absolutely essential to make sure that even if malware makes its way in, it will not be able to communicate with its external controller. Our unique solutions in the areas of deception and isolation will keep malware in your network confused and effectively harmless.

360° Prevention

To make sure you are truly protected, Securitude Cyber Solutions helps you to watch for and stop threats wherever they are coming from. Malware can come into your network via email, Web browsing, laptops being used in remote locations, USB keys, mobile devices and more. For each of these cases Securitude can offer a solution to keep malware from coming in, and if ever it starts to enter your network, prevent it from propagating or doing any damage.

Among our solutions:

  • Secure Web Browsing

    According to the latest research, over 90% of malware and malicious code enter organisations through Web browing. All of the current solutions address this problem by trying to achieve an impossible goal: to scan and inspect in real time every line of code for each Web request made by users, trying to ensure that malware will not enter the network. At best, this creates significant overhead to the administrators of the system, as they are required to manage exception lists and provide extensive user support. In most cases however, user experience is degraded, and 0-Day malwares still manage to infect the corporate network.

    The Secure Web Browsing Solution provided by Securitude Cyber Solutions has solved this problem by completely changing the rules of the game. Instead of trying to detect malicious code, this patent-pending technology converts all Web traffic into an interactive video stream, eliminating any chance of unwanted code getting through. This solution can also identify non-human browsing activity, and automatically block it if not specifically allowed, preventing malware from sending information back home.

  • End-point Malware Isolation

    Today’s advanced malware uses evasion techniques when attempting to penetrate a new network. Instead of infecting every machine it encounters, the malware hides malicious code and stays in a “sleep” state until an opportunity to attack arises. Our end-point malware isolation solution employs a patent-pending environment simulation technology which uses the malware’s own detection strategy to fight back: Each time the malware tries to determine what conditions and defenses are present, our solution simulates an environment that would be hostile to the malicious code. The malware decides that the environment is not optimal, stays dormant indefinitely, and the solution generates an alert about the presence of suspicious code.

  • Next Generation Endpoint Protection

    The current generation of anti-malware solutions are, at best, able to identify 80% of the current threats. 0-Day malware, ransomware using evasion techniques, advanced persistent threats (APTs) entering a network using only completely authorised tools – none of these will be noticed, stopped and removed by most available solutions. Securitude Cyber Solutions offers a unique advanced end-point protection solution which identifies malicious activity with unparalleled precision, neutralises the threat and alerts your security administrators.

  • Mobile Protection and Management

    The widespread use of smartphones can pose a severe security threat to your businesses. Our Mobile Protection and Management solution uses a multi-layer approach to ensure the safety of your network and information without impeding the mobility and productivity of your staff. It allows for the encryption of calls and messages between secured devices as well as with telephones and computers on your network. A unique Android-based secured operating system provides maximum security against malware and other attacks. The solution is also available as an App, providing a wide array of protective measures such as strict enforcement of permissions for installed applications, encryption, and the enforcement of corporate security policies.