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Fully Managed End-Point Security

Desktops, laptops, smartphones, servers – these are the tools you and your staff are using to work, and store information you can’t afford to lose. Consequentially, these are also the main targets for attackers coming inside your network. With Securitude’s cutting edge end-point protection solutions you can be sure to make the work of potential attackers very difficult.

Multi-Layered Protection

It used to be the case that a good anti-virus was all that was required in order to protect a PC or server, but in today’s world, that is just not enough. Traditional anti-virus solutions are failing to keep up with next-generation malwares, as they become more stealthy and more potent than ever. A modern end-point protection approach is multi-layered, and employs different tools handling different threats from different angles.

Always Stay Updated

When was the last time you verified that all of the security mechanisms on all your workstations and servers are up to date and running correctly? The last time a malware was found? Do you have an overall view on the security status of your end-points? Having the ability to review all of these requires time and efforts you may not have. With Securitude Cyber Solutions managed services you can be assured that all of your workstations are protected, and that you will be immediately informed of any important development.

Among our services:

  • Fully Managed End-Point Protection

    Let us protect all of your end-points, keeping your workstations, servers and smartphones up-to-date and secure.

  • Next Generation Solutions

    A managed simulation of a gradually increasing Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on your website or network perimeter, to help you discover your limits.

  • Comprehensive Protection

    Whether you work on laptops, desktops, smartphones or tablets, Securitude Cyber Solutions can offer the right protection for you, covering all aspects of security: malware detection and prevention, encryption of sensitive content, encryption of phone calls, text messages and instant messages, automatic isolation of infected computers and more.

  • Secure Connectivity, Anytime, Anywhere

    We don’t only protect your devices at rest, but also when they are connecting elsewhere. Whether you use your devices to surf the web, send emails, make phone calls or anything else, you are potentially at risk. This becomes even more true when you connect your mobile devices to public WiFi networks. We can help you stay protected at all times.