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Managed Intrustion Detection

Whether you know it or not, your network is likely being scanned and attacked by hackers. Just by having a network you are an automatic target, and your information is coveted by thieves and competition. Securitude Cyber Solutions offers solutions that can mitigate these threats from inside and out, and manage them for you in order to optimise your security.

Inside and Out

Having proper intrusion detection means being able to monitor for intrusions both inside and outside your network. A great deal of malicious activity can be spotted when attackers are trying to get in. However, if they have succeeded to do so, you need to be able to identify them when they try to move laterally, or when they try to send sensitive information back to their command servers. With Securitude’s Intrusion Detection Services (IDS), there is always someone watching.

However They May Come

Attackers are constantly trying to breach your network by any means available – email, web, usb keys, your web site and many more. Securitude Cyber Solutions have in store products and services that can mitigate these threats, whatever form they take. We protect your network devices, your end-points, your servers, your smartphones and your staff. If an attacker has somehow did manage to gain access to your network, our network sensors and monitors will also be there to find them.

Among our services:

  • Intrusion Detection Solutions

    By using Securitude’s Intrusion Detection Solutions (IDS) you can rest assured that your network is being constantly monitored by both automated tools and human eyes at all times, identifying and fighting off potential intruders.

  • Deception Tools

    Whether at a network or end-point level, our state-of-the-art deception solutions can throw off any intruder, diverting them from your sensitive information, and trapping them where they can’t continue infiltrating the network any further.

  • Focus Your Efforts

    We understand that your resources are limited, and that you can’t waste time chasing potential threats. By using the intrusion detection tools offered by Securitude Cyber Solutions you can significantly reduce the rate of false-positive alerts, allowing you to focus on real threats to your network.