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Managed IT Administration

At Securitude Cyber Solutions, we believe that no matter how advanced your security perimeter is, having your internal IT environment up to date and secure is equally important. Many cyber security incidents start out not because the right security tool was not installed, but because of misconfigurations, inappropriate network segmentation, or simply workstations that were not properly maintained. We want to give you a comprehensive service that will improve your quality of work and keep you secure at the same time.

Anywhere, anyhow

Regardless of what types of devices you’re using, as well as the operating system, network infrastructure or cloud services you are using, we can help. Our experts are experienced in managing systems and networks of all kinds, and our solutions portfolio includes something for each.

Working Hand in Hand

In many cases, the effectiveness of a cyber security program in a company is dependent on the ability of the cyber security and system teams to agree with one another and co-operate. By using Securitude Cyber Solutions’ managed services for both your security and IT administration, you can guarantee the highest level of co-operation between these roles. Our field-tested methodologies, based on years of experience, will ensure that your entire IT environment will run with the highest level of security and effectiveness.

Among our services:

  • Workstation and Server Administration

    Let our team of experienced system administrators manage your laptops, desktops and servers. Whether you use Windows, Mac OS or Linux, our team of seasoned system administrators can help your work environment run smoothly and effectively.

  • Mobile Devices Administration

    Even when your staff are on the go, your devices are still an integral part of your network. With Securitude’s advanced Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, we can make sure all of your mobile devices are up, running and secure.

  • Domain and Network Administration

    Password policy enforcement, email administration, network segmentation and more. Let us make sure your network is there to support your business.

  • Cloud Services Administration

    Hosting your services on Azure, AWS or any other Cloud services provider can offer great benefits in terms of cost reduction. That doesn’t mean you can just put them there and forget about them. Improper administration of Cloud services can endanger your entire network and business, just like servers hosted on-premise, and potentially even more. We can take care of your cloud services administration, making sure that you use them effectively and securely.