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Protection Assessment

When was the last time you put your protection to the test? It’s not enough to have the right tools in place and properly manage them. When the day comes that you get attacked, you need to know that you can handle it. Securitude Cyber Solutions can help you continuously and methodically make sure you always know what are your limits and what weak spots you can work on.

Technical Readiness

How vulnerable is your website to new types of attacks? How long can it stand a DDoS attack before it crashes? Is your anti-malware solution really up to the task against next generation threats? All of these questions and more must be answered before you can have a real grasp on your true protection level. You will need to have answers to these questions for any compliance requirements your company may have, but also for your own peace of mind. Securitude offers a wide array of technical simulations and automated vulnerability tests that can help you asses your status and continously improve it.

Human Readiness

It has been said that the strength of a chain is always its weakest link, and the human element often that link. Even with the best protection technologies in place, your staff still holds in their hands the keys to most highly successful attacks. According to all the latest reports, human error was to blame in the majority of cyber security breaches in recent years, giving out passwords, clicking on malicious links and more. In order to turn your staff from a liability into a key element of your security efforts, Securitude offers a continuous education program, including automated simulations and online training.

Among our services:

  • DDoS Simulation

    A managed simulation of a gradually increasing Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on your website or network perimeter, to help you discover your limits.

  • Phishing Simulation

    A periodic test to see how good your staff are at recognising phishing emails, not divulging sensitive information about the business, and following security procedures. Failed simulations can automatically lead to a brief yet highly effective online training session.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    Using a combination of automated tools and human expertise, we periodically scan your website and networks to find out if you’re vulnerable to any of the latest types of attacks, and help you mitigate any risk.