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Having the best security tools in place is just one aspect of cyber security; you must also have the the ability to monitor your systems. Without the ability to aggregate and correlate all that is happening in your network, there is a good chance you will miss your chance to stop an attack before it does real damage. Securitude Cyber Solutions offers you the most advanced SIEM solutions on the market, and also the comfort of a managed service, ensuring someone is monitoring your logs and network events at all times.

Managing Your Logs

Securitude Cyber Solutions can take care of all your log management needs. In today’s connected world, everything that happens in your network can be crucial to identifying potential threats. By having a proper log management solution in place, together with advanced correlation and aggregation capabilities and custom-made alerting tools, Securitude can identify and warn you about unwanted events as they start to occur. Our SIEM service enables you to store data from many sources, providing complete visibility into all activities in your environment.

Never Miss a Thing

Allowing a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) to manage your SIEM gives you the best of both worlds. First off, you can rest assured that someone is always monitoring your logs, and immediately identify any threat. In addition, our online tools, comprehensive dashboards and automated reporting enable you to be always up-to-date with the protection status of your environment. Whether you want to be updated daily, weekly, monthly or only when something important happens, we can customise our reporting services to your needs.

Among our services:

  • Cloud Based Log Management

    You won’t need to worry about whether or not you have enough storage space to keep your logs for whatever period of time you need. Using our cloud-based SIEM and log management solutions, you can store your logs with us for as long as is necessary.

  • Proactive Monitoring and Alerting

    Our team of experts will monitor your logs for any suspicious activity, aggregating information from various sources, and let you know the moment something you need to be aware of happens.

  • Reporting and Compliance

    Securitude Cyber Solutions will customise for you any report you require on the status of your protection, whether for your own peace of mind or to answer any compliance requirements.