Incident Response


Whether you’re bound by law to maintain a certain level of cyber security (GDPR, HIPAA, etc.) or you need to uphold a certain industry standard (ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, etc.), we’re here to accompany you through the process and keep you compliant.  Being compliant takes more than just having the right technologies in place.  Compliance requires having the right procedures, the right people, the right training and above all, the commitment to maintain them over time.  Our compliance experts at Securitude Cyber Solutions have helped businesses all over the world to upgrade their business processes, go through the necessary tests and screenings, produce documentation, and remain fully compliant.

A Business Upgrade

Some businesses go through compliance processes because they are required to do so by an external entity such as the government or a major business partner.  Others do so because it has become a norm in their professional field.  Whatever the reason, it is clear that becoming compliant to a cyber security or risk management standard is a full business upgrade.  The goal of compliance, and also its by-product, is that the business finishes the process with a full set of operational procedures, clear risk management polices, and the right tools in place to live up to them.  This has multiple benefits, such as increased efficiency, transparency, accountability and even your company’s credit rating.

Easy and Manageable

Whether you’re a small business with a limited set of regulatory requirements, or a large enterprise with thousands of complex business processes, we can make sure your compliance process is smooth and as straightforward as possible.  Our comprehensive approaches ensure you get the advice, training and the tools you need to take action.  By combining proven methodologies, expert consultants and advanced tools, Securitude Cyber Solutions can address all your compliance needs, whatever the project.

Among our services:

  • Risk Management Platform

    Whether you want us to take full control of your compliance processes, or you just need a platform that helps you ask the right questions and record their answers, we have a unique, award-winning risk management solution.

  • Expert Consulting

    Our team of experts have accumulated dozens of years in accompanying businesses of all sizes towards every major compliance standard. 

  • Managed Services

    An important part of any compliance process is the ability to prove that somebody, whether inside or outside your company, is constantly thinking about its risks and addressing them.  By using our cyber security managed services, you can easily demonstrate that someone is in this role.