Incident Response

Incident Response

In the case of attack, you need to know someone has your back.  When your files are suddenly encrypted by Ransomware; when your website suddenly displays adverts for products you never approved; when you are notified that your server is sending thousands of spam emails a day; when something happens that requires immedate attention, you need to know there is someone you can call.  You can call us!

Your Emergency Contact

There is no such thing as 100% proof security, and even the most secured companies can get hacked. When security incidents occur, the critical goal for any company is to have an effective way to respond, and the speed with which someone can recognize, analyze, and respond to an incident is crucial.  Our experts are trained to identify and contain the threat as quickly as possible, and recommend immediate and long-term actions required to make sure it does not happen again. We are always one click away.

Rest Assured

Our team of experts and our suite of advanced tools allow us to help you in case of emergency even if you have never worked with us before. However, we can be even more effective if we work with you to prepare in advance for any scenario.  By deploying our detection, isolation and remedation tools in your netowrk, we can detect any upcoming threat and block it from becoming a problem before even you know about it.

Among our services:

  • 24/7 Readiness

    Our team of experts and set of automated tools monitor your network and other assets 24/7 in order to immediately detect any sign of suspicious behavior. 

  • Global Assistance

    Whether an incident occured in your office network, a mobile device on the go or in a remote data center, we have the ability to provide