Incident Response

Training and Education

The oldest cliché in Cyber Security is that it is only as strong as its weakest link, but this also happens to be true.  Unfortunately, the weakest link proves time and again to be the human factor.  The moment a staff member starts working they have the ability to damage their organisation.  In some cases, this may be done maliciously, but more often Cyber Security incidents occur due to a staff member’s being unaware of the dangers.  Securitude Cyber Solutions works with the some of the best security educators in the world to help your staff become more aware, better educated and better prepared when faced with real cyber threats.

Continous Education

One never stops learning, and that’s particularly true in the evolving world of Cyber Security.  A one-time presentation for the entire staff has a very short-term effect, and only for those who were actually in the room.  Securitude Cyber Solutions offers a full range of seminars, games, marketing campaigns and other educational tools to help you integrate Cyber Security education in the day-to-day lives of your staff, without it becoming a hassle for them.  Our goal is to get them engaged and interested, thus raising the level of security of your organisation.

Technical, Managerial and Administrative

Each member of your staff has a particular role and function.  The people in your Sales and HR departments have different profiles, and a product manager’s job is very different from that of a software developer.  As such, no single educational plan can fit everybody.  Our portfolio of educational tools and materials can be adjusted to the needs of your staff members, whether their job is managerial, administrative, technical or other, and depending on their current level of Cyber Security knowledge and awareness.

Among our services:

  • Awareness Training

    Using a combination of presentations, communications campaigns, digital games and simulations, Securitude Cyber Solutions can help your staff become more aware of Cyber threats, how they can damage your company, and how to avoid them.

  • Secure Development

    Software developers are trained to write the best code, doing its designated task with maximum efficiency. However, unless they are also equally trained in the art and science of secure development, that same code may be vulnerable to cyber attacks and expose your company to risk. We provide training to developers, specifically customized to your development language and tools of choice.

  • IT and Network Administration Security

    While all employees need to have a basic understanding of Cyber Security, the people in charge of running your IT operations need to know more.  Using our educational materials and tools, IT and network administrators can learn how to securely design, implement and maintain a safe environment. 

  • Executive Security

    Cyber Security is not just an issue for technical people, but is now an important topic of discussion in board rooms and management level meetings.  Executives today are expected to understand the Cyber risks their companies are facing, the possible solutions to handle these risks, and the company’s overall security plan.  We provide custom educational seminars to executives of all levels, teaching them what they need to know in this modern risk environment.